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Recent Updates

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Watch this lovely video of Rabbi David Zeller, speaking at an inter-religious conference in India, about being a Sadhu, being Jewish, about Rosh HaShana and the Shofar:

(click the image below or go directly to www.davidzeller.org/videos/#shofar)

At the end of this video we added part of track 1 of the new "Path of the heart" CD, with David playing Indian melody on flute. Enjoy!

Path of the Heart cover imagePath of the Heart is now available in Israel, too. If you like to get these lovely chants and songs from various spiritual traditions, please reply to this email or call Manya at 054-6709678. You can listen to audio samples of all tracks, and purchase the CD online (outside of Israel) on this webpage: www.davidzeller.org/pathoftheheart
A great gift, for yourselves and for your friends.

May you all have a happy new year, for you and for your beloved. May all your dreams come true. May you come closer to your own soul's vision, your own live's purpose. Shana Tova

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